White Hill
Map Information
Biome Type Unknown
Warp Circles Master Hill, Red Hill, Blue Hill, Green Hill
Level Range 41 - 60
Other Information
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"The ruin where are homes for light-colored alpacas."

- Alpaca World

White Hill is one of two hills the player can unlock by achieving Alpaca Rancher (owning one level 35 alpaca). The other hill is Black Hill.

Appearance Edit

The map is a starched, faded city which seems to show the decaying and dilapidated white-stone ruins of a collapsed city or empire. Unlike all the other hills in the game which have various brightly-colored nature themes, White Hill portrays a somber place once colonized by humans that has since been abandoned.

Lower level enemies are found on the grounds towards the south-side of the map, with higher level enemies found on the hills of northern-most regions of the map.

Alpacas with White fur and skin are more likely to appear here, though they can spawn in areas outside of White Hill. The alpacas encountered in this area are limited to 9 colors which include: Light Cotton, Wheat, Lichen, Cherry Blossom, Powder Blue, Sweet Pink, Prune, Light Grey, and White.

The area is fairly spread out, leaving area for the player to explore. The area is a oale, off-white color, with a white brick road and whitish-green grass. There are collapsed remnants of buildings including; marble floors and foundations, and fallen or standing, broken columns.

Atmospheric sounds are minimal, with the only audible sound being a light breeze. Alpacas will create the sound of stepping on grass not walking on the path.

There is a warp circle to the far right of the map that leads to Master Hill.

Traversing back to the warp into this level leads to either Blue Hill, Red Hill, or Green Hill.