== Introduction To 'ALPACA WORLD'

Welcome to Alpaca World! This is a game where you collect alpacas of different colors, and breed, sell, trade, and fight them, too! All of your alpacas will be kept in your Farm, where they will run around all day. You can use the Travel option to take a group of up to four alpacas and lead them through uncharted territory, fighting wild alpacas for experience and to capture them. You can also breed your alpacas to get adorable baby alpacas! The alpaca combinations are almost infinite! Enjoy alpacas!! Colours of all alpacas you have owned can be viewed in the Colour Index in the game.

1st Step hi!

Upon entering the game, you will hear cheerful music called "a song of alpacas". You will first receive an alpaca with Light Cotton wool and Cherry Blossom skin. Make sure to name him something you like; maybe even the name Cooper. Once an alpaca is named it cannot be renamed unless you purchase with Alpaca coins a renaming potion. You should always get them accessories because its fun.

Get you travel shoes on... or hiking boots Edit

The first thing you should do is go traveling. Traveling lets you fight wild alpacas. To travel, tap the 'travel' button in the bottom left corner, and select Beginner Hill. There you can touch the screen to move your alpaca around. When you go off the path, wild alpacas will attack you, and you will be able to fight them.

Every time you defeat another alpaca you will receive EXP to level up your alpaca. The higher the level you can get your alpaca up to, the more places you'll be able to warp to. The new areas get exciting quickly; in Alpaca Hill, you can find alpacas of higher level than Beginner Hill and once you move up in rank. The terrain and layout for each hill is unique. There are different hills with specific colors like Magenta Hill or Yellow Hill but to get there,you must go through Alpaca Hill. Explore Alpaca Hill to the right and you will find the warp.

Beginner's Hill Edit

The only area accessible from the start (besides the Farm and the City) is Beginner Hill. Here you will find alpacas of all sorts of colour combinations of fur and skin. Even white furred or skinned alpacas can be encountered in Beginner Hill but this extremely rare. The level of the Beginner Hill alpacas ranges from level 1 to 3. You can capture them or defeat them at will - note that capturing alpacas does not give you experience. To capture an alpaca you will need a rope or chain, which you can buy at the store that is in town. You are given five Dirt Ropes to start, however, which should be enough to capture the lower level alpacas.

In the top bar of your screen, you will see something called a "rank"; your rank increases when you do certain things, like capturing more alpacas or leveling up your alpacas. Tap on your Rank to see the requirements to rank up.

Your first mission will be to reach level 4 with an alpaca. Defeat alpacas in Beginner Hill until your alpaca reaches level 4. Then, you will receive a notification that your rank has gone up - congratulations! Now you can go to Alpaca Hill. In Alpaca Hill, the alpacas are stronger and there is a larger map to explore.

The Essentials Edit

  • Shadow and Light Cotton furred alpacas produce the 2nd most valuable wool out of all colours. The most expensive wool being black wool and white wool from black alpacas and white alpacas.
  • The most worthwhile upgrades that can be purchased from the City are the house upgrades. Your happy alpacas will produce more wool . In comparison a windmill upgrade means frequent checking in on the game to shear the alpacas.
  • 1 level higher alpacas than the highest level alpaca on your team can be captured.
  • It is easier to capture the 1 level higher alpaca to rank up than to train current alpacas to higher levels.

Extra Notes From Different People: What They Wish Someone Told Them When They Started Playing Edit

  • Buying accessories and food are useless. You get accessories from other alpacas in fights and your alpacas heal on their own.
  • Eating food while in a fight is useless because it takes an entire turn and the enemy normally knocks out everything you just gave your alpaca
  • Start watching the ads they give you for free coins and save up for the max pond upgrade. It takes a while but it's 100% worth it
  • Catch alpacas you think are pretty or cute. These alpacas kind of turn into your family so get ones you're ok with looking at everyday
  • In the settings button, they say you can get 5 free zenith chains is you go to Facebook. You can just tap on the link and not sign in and they'll still give you the free chains which are beyond useful
  • Travel in groups of threes as often as you can. Three is the magic number
  • When you're trying to find a new alpaca, be patient. Wait for the perfect alpaca. It might take a while but it's worth it all.
  • Different wools are worth different amounts of money. Learn what is valuable and what isn't. Breed alpacas that will give you valuable alpacas
  • Baby alpacas are adorable and you really won't be able to handle them.
  • You can have 25 alpacas max
  • The windmill will reduce the time to 3 hours
  • The house makes you so much more wool