Travel is a gamemode within Alpaca World that features leading your team of alpacas through new lands full of wild alpacas to either befriend or fight. You can currently have up to four alpacas in your team to take to go off adventuring. There are different locations that you will slowly but steadily unlock as you progress through the game, Hills. You can find all of them in the top slot in the bar at the top of the wiki, entitled Maps, Beginner Hill being the first and easiest hill to overtake, while Master Hill is the hardest and finale to your adventure.

You can access Travel by going into your Farm , and you will see an icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen 'Travel.' You can access the Beginner Hill, then you can go to Alpaca Hill, and from within Alpaca Hill, you can then access Magenta Hill, Cyan Hill, and Yellow Hill.

To make your alpacas waddle around the screen, you tap the screen and drag your finger around to make your alpacas go where you'd like them to. Your alpacas will run around in a diamond shaped pattern, the lead alpaca in the front. The lead alpaca will always be in the front of your parade, and will always be the default alpaca, first up to fight, if you encounter another alpaca.

To choose your group, you must first be in your Farm. Next, you tap on one of your alpaca's tabs at the right side of the screen to select that alpaca. You you be brought in closer to that alpaca, and you can rotate around them by dragging, etc. You will also see at the bottom of the right-hand tab for that alpaca something that says, 'Add to Team.' If you tap that, then that alpaca will be added to your team, and will appear in one of the little four slots in the bottom right-hand corner. If they are placed in the first slot, they'll be in the front of your alpaca team, and first up to fight. Just a note, you do not need to have four alpacas with you at all times when traveling, you can resort to taking out just one or two or three at a time.


The player starts with only one map, Beginner Hill.

From Alpaca Hill, if you are at Amateur rank, you can use the warp circle to the far right of the map to gain access to Yellow Hill, Magenta Hill, and Cyan Hill.

From those hills are a warp to Red Hill, Green Hill, and Blue Hill. You need to be rank Expert to get to these maps.

At rank Alpaca Rancher, Black Hill and White Hill are unlocked. These areas have a higher chance of for spawning rare white and black colored alpacas, though they can be found on other maps.

Beyond White and Black hill is Master Hill

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