"the land of autumn."

- Alpaca World

Red Hill
The in-game minimap of Red Hill. The red dot shows the player's current position.
Map Information
Biome Type Canyon, High-Desert
Warp Circles Yellow Hill, Magenta Hill, Black Hill, White Hill
Level Range 26 - 40
Other Information
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Red Hill is one of three hills the player can unlock by increasing their rank to Expert (owning one level 25 alpaca). The other two hills are Blue Hill and Green Hill.

Appearance Edit

A looping map with red terrain and a large river that can be crossed via bridge. Lower level enemies are found on the lower side of the map, with higher level enemies found on the northern and upward levels on the map.

There is a ravine through which a river runs, and a bridge over top of it as a path.

The area is cramped and filled with mostly grass, tree stumps, small bushes, and large boulders. Trees border edges of the map.

There is a warp circle to the far right of the map that leads to either Black Hill or White Hill.

Traversing back to the warp into this level leads to either Magenta Hill or Yellow Hill.