Ranks -

  1. AlpacaWorldRocks Level up alpaca: As you get your alpaca battle they gain experience

and they level up. At certain levels you get higher ranks, which then unlock new places, options, and buyable items. You can breed them by making them have a higher level the breeding will then unlock

  • Beginner
  • Level 4: Student
    • Unlocks: Alpaca Hill
  • Rookie (capture 4 alpaca) Level 5
    • Unlocks breeding
  • Baby Alpaca (capture 5 alpaca)
  • Amateur (capture 6 alpaca)
    • Unlocks Yellow Hill, Cyan Hill, and Magenta Hill
    • Level 10: Assistant (I believe reaching level 10 as a student multi rank ups you here)
  • Level 15: Herdsman
  • Level 20: Skilled
  • Level 25: Expert
    • Unlocks: Red Hill, Green Hill, and Blue Hill
  • Level 35: Alpaca Rancher
    • Unlocks White and Black Hill
  • Level 45: Alpaca Specialist
    • Unlocks Master Hill
  • Level 55: Alpaca Professor
  • Level 65: Alpaca Lover
  • Level 75: Alpaca Maniac
  • Level 90: Born For Alpacas
  • Level 100: Alpaca Master

Back 2 years ago we had someone kindly provide a list of all the ranks in Alpaca World on the Walkthrough page. Unfortunately, amidst all the editing that page has undergone this list was lost. I did a some digging in the history of the Walkthrough page as I remembered at some point in time the completed list of the ranks was there and finally brought back this nice piece of old knowledge.



Alpaca master in 45 levels or so.