Magenta Hill
The in-game minimap of Magenta Hill. The red dot shows the player's current position.
Map Information
Biome Type Grass
Warp Circles Alpaca Hill, Red Hill, Blue Hill
Level Range 13 - 26
Other Information
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"the land of petal"

- Alpaca World

Magenta Hill is one of three hills the player can unlock by increasing their rank to Amateur. The player can get there through Alpaca Hills, by staying on the right of the road. The other two hills are Cyan Hill and Yellow Hill.

Appearance Edit

You can reach this map by keeping right on the first few forks in the alpaca hill. You will reach the warp circle, which will give you the choice to go to magenta hill, cyan hill, or yellow hill.

A large map that is divided into three sections. Lower level enemies can be found on the dark purple grass, while the sections with lighter grass hold higher level enemies.

The area is surrounded by pink and purple trees, with little variation from those colors.

There is a warp circle to the bottom right of the map, which leads to Red Hill and Blue Hill.

Alpaca Color Edit

Due to prior knowledge, you may already know that Black Hill is one of the few hills that spawn black alpacas. Well, Magenta Hill can also spawn black alpacas (but they are rare).