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Item button in game

Game items are in-game items you can get. This page will describe game items, what to use it on, and how to use them.

Game ItemsEdit

In the Supply Shop there are six types of items the player can buy for either Gold (G), or Alpaca Coins (AC). The "upgrade" slot is switched with a "wool" slot when you click on sell. Wool color and price is covered in the Walkthrough/Guide.

Alpaca can be bought and sold in the Alpaca Shop. The colors of the Alpaca switches from day to day. All alpacas that can be purchased are at Level 1.


1. Alpaca Dens: A place for storing one alpaca. Every player starts out with 4 dens, with each successive upgrade costing an increasing amount of G.
Den Price
4 1,000
5 2,000
6 3,200
7 4,400
8 5,600
9 6,800
10 8,000
11 9,200
12 10,400
13 11,600
14 12,800
15 14,000
16 15,200
17 16,400
18 17,600
19 18,800
20 20,000
21 21,200
22 22,400
23 23,600
24 24,800
25 26,000
  • Dens can be maxed out automatically for 250 AC
After all 25 alpaca dens are bought you can buy a Hotel Reservation for 50,000 G that lets you keep 30 more alpaca. Depositing leaves their accessories in your inventory and withdrawing resets their wool timer.
Players cannot store pregnant or baby alpacas or collect wool from stored alpacas.
Hotel Upgrades: Purchased only with Alpaca Coins. Increases amount of storage space.
  • A Hotel Membership will let you store 60 alpaca but costs 20 Alpaca Coins.
  • A Hotel VIP: 100 alpaca for 80 AC
2. House Upgrades: Increase amount of wool collected.
  • Before upgrade: collect 1-3 wool per alpaca
  • Medium House: collect 2-4 wool, costs 10,000 G
  • Large House: collect 3-5 wool, costs 25,000 G
  • Villa: collect 4-6 wool, costs 240,000 G
  • Mansion: collect 5-9 wool, costs 1,550,000 G
  • Can be maxed out automatically for 999 AC
3. Pond Upgrades: Increase the rate alpaca recovers HP
  • Turtle 5,000 G
  • Fountain 7,500 G
  • Lamp 10,000 G
  • Waterfall 15,000 G - Each a faster recovery rate.
  • Can be maxed out automatically for 50 AC
4. Windmill Upgrades: Decrease the time before you can collect wool.
  • None: 5 hour timer
  • Windmill: 3 hour timer, costs 50,000 G
  • Stormmill: two hour timer, costs 225,000 G
  • Can be maxed out automatically for 125 AC
5. Magical Bucket: An optional upgrade that fills the Color Dex automatically for 25 AC. Max Color Dex can also be achieved through casual play.
6. GMOs Technology: An optional upgrade that appears once a player has reached the rank of Assistant. It is available for 1,000,000 G. GMO technology allows the player to choose which of the Possible Offsprings a baby alpaca will be. The player chooses the colors of the baby alpaca out of the given possibilities shown whenever two alpacas are bred together. GMO technology does not allow the player to choose any possible color for the baby's fur and skin, it simply lets the player choose one of the possible offsprings.
  • Allows player to select the color of a baby alpaca out of the possible offspring determined by the parent alpacas. To use GMO technology, go to the Breeding in the City and select a pair of alpacas to breed. Select one of the Possible Offsprings shown. Once selected, the player can select "GMO 10,000." GMO technology can be used an infinite number of times and costs 10,000 G for each use. A player can opt out of this by hitting the breed button for normal breeding.
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Consumables are items to restore the Alpacas' health and moves, should the player not wish to wait for it to recover automatically.
Bread recovers HP, but can only be used at the farm and cannot be used during travel or battle. It comes in four different sizes, the largest being the most effective, but also the most expensive.
Potions come in various sizes as well, and cost roughly double of their bread counterpart. They can be used while traveling or during battle. However, in battle using an item counts as a turn, and gives the opponent a chance to attack, reducing the effectiveness of the item.
Leaves can restore special moves, mega impact and meteor, and can be used anywhere
GRAPES can give 💰
Name Description Price
S Bread A small-sized bread. It restores 20 HP but cannot be eaten during battles. 200 G
M Bread A medium-sized bread. It restores 50 HP but cannot be eaten during battles. 400 G
L Bread A large-sized bread. It restores 100 HP but cannot be eaten during battles. 750 G
XL Bread An extra large-sized bread. It restores 200 HP but cannot be eaten during battles. 1200 G
S Potion A small-sized potion. It restores 20 HP. 400 G
M Potion A medium-sized potion. It restores 50 HP. 800 G
L Potion A large-sized potion. It restores 100 HP. 1400 G
XL Potion An extra large-sized potion. It restores 200 HP. 2400 G
Leaf of Earth A leaf that helps Alpaca use Mega Impact again for 5 times. 1800 G
Leaf of Heaven A leaf that helps Alpaca use Meteor again for 5 times. 1800 G
Leaf of Universe A leaf that helps Alpaca use Mega Impact and Meteor again for 5 times. 3300 G
Panacea A potion that fully restores HP and moves. 1 AC
Nutrient Potion A potion that helps a baby Alpaca become an adult Alpaca in an instant. 2 AC
Mystic Potion A potion that changes Alpacas' gender. 2 AC
Rename Potion This is used for renaming Alpacas by erasing a memory of it. But don't worry. Its level and status will still remain. 1 AC


(needs updated information)

Ropes and Chains: Ropes and chains are utilities that capture alpacas that spawn during battle on the various hills. Ropes can be purchased for either G or AC. Ropes work best on a certain range of levels, and are more likely to fail on higher level alpacas. Chains are suggested for capture of higher level alpacas, but higher level alpaca still have a likelihood of being caught with lower level rope. The higher your alpaca level is, the higher the chances of a low level rope working.
Warps: Warps are a utility that can be purchased for AC. They are a one-use item that allows the player to teleport their team to a specific hill.
Name Description Price
Old Rope Good for level 1-5 fails more often on higher levels 350
Fiber Rope Suggested for capturing Alpaca level 6-10 700
Kermantle Rope Suggested for level 11-15 1400
Steel Chain Suggested for level 15-20 2800
Silver Chain Suggested for level 20-25 5000
Gold Chain Suggested for level 25-30 22000
Zenith Chain Never fails. 2 AC
Magenta Warp Warps you to Magenta Hill. Magenta, Yellow and Cyan Hill can also be found through the warp circle to the right of Alpaca Hill. 1 AC
Yellow Warp

Warp that teleports your team to Yellow Hill in an Instant.

1 AC
Cyan Warp Warp that teleports your team to Cyan Hill in an Instant. 1 AC
Red Warp Warps you to Red Hill. This can also be accessed through the warp circle at Yellow or Magenta Hill. 1 AC
Green Warp Warps you to Green Hill. This can also be accessed through the warp circle at Yellow or Cyan Hill. 1 AC
Blue Warp Warps you to Blue Hill. This can also be accessed through the warp circle at Cyan or Magenta Hill. 1 AC
Black Warp Warp that teleports your team to Black Hill in an Instant. 2 AC
White Warp Warp that teleports your team to White Hill in an Instant. 2 AC
Master Warp Warp that teleports your team to Master Hill in an Instant. 2 AC


Items your alpaca can wear. Some accessories can only be acquired from drops after battle, items in the shop can be dropped during battle. You can find the items that are for sale in the shop with the exception for the items that cost alpaca coins.
Places they can worn are Head, Face, Neck, Back, Foot, and Orbit.

(As more items are discovered the list will continue to update)

Shop Accessories
Item Description Price Sell Worn
Straw Hat This makes your alpaca becomes a pirate king. 1000 500 Head
Ribbon Ribbon alpaca always looks like female alpaca. 1000 500 head
Top Hat A hat that make your alpaca seems like an english gentleman. 1000 500 Head
Cap This cap could protect sunburn in alpaca's face. 1000 500 Head
Aristocrat Hat A hat that goes well with aristocra(t) alpaca. 2200 1100 Head
Headphone Be careful, it might not be able to hear you if the volume is too loud. 2200 1100 Head
Mohawk A weird hairstyle but popular in some cultures. Some said "Nerds won't understand this!". 2200 1100 Head
Rabbit Ears Wear this ears to become one of the bunnies. Also teach your alpaca to hop. 2200 1100 Head
Cat Ears Fake ears that can make your alpaca pretend to be a cat. Meowwww~ 2200 1100 Head
Worker Helmet A helmet that'd make your Alpaca looks really tough. 2200 1100 Head
Santa hat Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! 5200 2600 Head
Archer Apple Arrow is dangerous. Please do not try it at home. 5200 2600 Head
Electricity Bulb Isn't it great to have an alpaca full with ideas? 5200 2600 Head
Afro Wig A fluffy animal always looks good with a fluffy hairstyle. 5200 2600 Head
Sombrero Wearing this while eating tacos makes your alpaca looks so Mexican! 5200 2600 Head
Racer Helmet It's safer this way. 14000 7000 Head
Trooper Helmet A helmet for an alpaca trooper, the best soldier in the galaxy. 14000 7000 Head
Cavalier Hat A wide-brimmed hat popular in the 17th century 14000 7000 Head
Astro Helmet Even NASA wants this. Your alpacas will dance in outer space someday. 14000 7000 Head
Darth Alpaca It's actually a life support mask. But you can just use them as a symbol of the dark side. 50000 25000 Head
Jack O Lantern TRICK or TREAT!? 50000 25000 Head
Magical Hat A magical hat for magical alpacas! Let's defeat the evils!!! 50000 25000 Head
Chibipaca on Head A pet of your pet... or a parasite of your pet? Chibipacas are small animals close to alpacas. It's cute, isn't it? 100 AC ? Head
Sunglasses Sometimes, the sunlight is too strong for naked eyes. But sometimes, these glasses are only for fashion. 2200 1100 Face
Heart glasses A weird-shaped glasses. Only weird alpaca with weird owner will wear this 2200 1100 Face
UV protection When you're choosing sunglasses, Choose sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. 2200 1100 Face
Bandit Mask Some alpacas are shy and want to protect their face while walking into a bank. 2200 1100 Face
Phantom mask The Phantom of the Alpaca is there. Inside my mind. He alone will makes soundtracks of this game take flight... 14000 7000 Face
Nerd glasses Eyeglasses used to be evidence of studying hard. Until computer games were created. 2200 1100 Face
Round glasses Round glasses is out-of-date now. Only wizards will wear them. 2200 1100 Face
Angry Eyebrow Fake thick eyebrows that make your alpaca more serious 5200 2600 Face
Lollipop A wonder lolipop that never melt. It's strawberry flavor. 5200 2600 Face
Round Nose A big funny round nose that always brings happiness to children. It's important item of being a clown 5200 2600 Face
Scarf A piece of fabric for wear around the neck. It's used for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or for religious reasons. 1000 500 Neck
Belt A belt usually supports trousers or other articles of clothing. But for alpacas, it is rarely useful. 1000 500 Neck
Katana Belt Since alpacas don't know how to use swords to fight, this item is just for cosplay. 5200 2600 Neck
Bandit Bag What is stored inside this bag? Maybe it's a money bag or it's just a garbage bag. 2200 1100 Back
DJ Bass Please keep the volume low or you will have the problem with your neighbors. 5200 2600 Back
Radio Because portable media players are too complicated for alpacas, they prefer to carry a radio with them. 5200 2600 Back
Sat Disk With this, your alpaca will be able to watch the satellite television. 5200 2600 Back
Sport Shoes Shoes that are designed for physical exercise. But in recent years they have come to be used for casual everyday activities. 1000 500 Foot
Melody The alpaca that hath no music in itself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. 14000 7000 Orbit
Flying Card Many alpacas loves to play cards. Especially, some of them learn to perform some magic tricks. 14000 7000 Orbit
Lightsaber A dangerous blade of plasma. Use it carefully or your alpaca will chop down its friend by accident. 50000 25000 Head
Items Dropped
Item Description Worn Sells
Unicorn Horn A legendary horn that turns your alpaca into monoceros. Head 2600
Reindeer Horns Real antlers picked form deceased deer. This might makes your alpaca looks very cool. Head 7000
Angel Wings Cute wings of an angel. They can make your alpaca more cute and holy. Back 2600
Heart Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Love is the strongest power! Orbit 2600
Spiral Blush Classicaly cute blush. This will make your alpaca cuter and more silly. Face 1100
Flower Particles Make your alpaca more sweet. Surround it with power of flower. Orbit 2600
Rocket Booster Very powerful boosters. Set this to your alpaca and make it be the first alpaca that (r)each the moon. Back 7000
Bone When your alpaca wan't to bite something, this stuff should be useful to protect your furnitures. Face 1100
Bull Horn After your alpaca wear this, don't ever wear red in front of him. Don't! Head 1100
Bat Wings Wings of bat. Unfortunately, alpacas are too heavy. So, they cannot fly with these. Back 1100
Evil Shoes Antique shoes. They look really old. Feet 1100
Blush Don't stare. He's quite shy. Face 500
Snow Flake Let it go~ Let it go~ Can't hold back any more~ Orbit 7000
Bell A bell that always rings when your alpaca moves. It looks so ordinary and plain. (But sells for that!!!) Neck 25000
Cone of Shame A protective medical device. It's purpose is to prevent the alpaca from biting or licking it's wounds. Neck 2600
Witch Hat To learn the way of dark magic, you need to dress like a witch. Head 2600
Fairy Wings Wings of fairy. ( more like wings of giant dragonfly ) Back 1100
Goggles It's scuba diving time! Put this on your alpaca face and find atlantis! Face 1100
Jewel Necklace Despite it's magnificence, wearing jewelry is pretty dangerous. It attracts bandits and robbers. Neck 2600
Peak Shoes Formal shoes with an old design. They look out-of-date. Feet 1100
Witch Shoes Antique boots often worn by witches. Feet 1100
Snail Shell Well, your alpaca will look really slow if he wears this. Back 2600
Cat Wiskers Fake wiskers that can make your alpaca pretend to be a cat or cat fish. Face 500
Tiny Wings Little cute wings. They're too small to make your alpaca fly. Back 1100
Champion Belt A sign of champion who has won in a numerous battles. Neck 2600
Round Blush Not sure if this is just makeup or stickers. Face 2600
UFO Don't panic! this is just a toy Orbit 7000
Butterfly Wings A giant butterfly wings makes your alpaca cuter. Back 2600
Sparklings A shiny alpaca is coming Orbit 2600
Flower necklace Wearing a flower necklace will make everyone look better. It's called natural ornament. Neck 500
Bubble Antenna A weird-shaped television antenna. It is said that this thing is for alien communication... Head 2500
Evergreen Alpaca used Razor Leaf! It's super effective! Orbit 7000
Fire Blast One does not simply burn your alpaca. Orbit 7000
Cherry Blossom Petals Cherry Blossom Petals are blowing in the wind. Orbit 7000
Bubbles Alpacas love bubbles. They're delicious...wait what!? Orbit 7000
Farmer Hat A hat that makes your alpaca look like a farmer. Head 500
Flower Sweet flower. Goes well with sweet alpaca. Head 500
Mushroom This makes your alpaca look poisonous. Head 500
Straight Antenna a weird-shaped television antenna. It is said that this thing is for an alien communication... Head 2600
Curly Antenna a weird-shaped television antenna. It is said that this thing is for an alien communication... Head 2600
Insect Antenna This helps an alpaca searching for flowers Head 1100
Triangular Antenna A weird-shaped television antenna. It is said that this thing is for an alien communication... Head 2600
Asteroids Only strong alpacas can travel through space and bring back some asteroids. These asteroids are very rare souv Orbit 7000
Rainbow Tail Flying through space and leaving a rainbow trail behind. Back 2600
Angel Ring A halo for your alpaca. Head 2600
Floating Diamond Just a floating diamond... with a very similar design. (looks like the sims symbol) Head 2600
Cat Paws Don't joke with alpacas wearing these. It will scratch you. Feet 500
Cat Whiskers Fake whiskers that can make your alpaca pretend to be a cat...or cat fish Head 500
School Girl Collar It's time to send your alpaca to school. Neck 1100
Shoulder Fur Make your alpacas warmer(?) in cold weather. Neck 2200
Miniskirt A very short skirt. Back 1100
Tiny Wings Little cute wings. They're too small to make your alpaca fly. Back 1100
Ice Skate Ice skates for your alpaca Feet 1100
Aristocrat Hat A hat that goes well with aristocra alpaca Head 1100
Scarf A piece of fabric for wear around the neck. It's used for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or religious reasons. Neck 500
Spirit House (I forgot to check the description of this item, and sold it) Back 25000
Stars Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are. Orbit (???)
Top Hat A hat that make your alpaca seems like an English gentleman Head 500
Holy Spirits There is a believing that when good people are in dangerous, holy spirits will protect them. Orbit 7000
Dagger A blade that goes well with a thief alpaca Face 2600
Cloak Behold! Super alpaca, the warrior of justice is here! Neck 1100
Eagle Claws Claws that used by predators to catch their preys. Since alpacas are hebivorous, this item may be just for cool. Feet 7000
Eagle Wings Large wings of the king of sky. These will not make your alpaca fly but just for looking cooler. Back 7000
Roller Skates Some alpacas love to roll along on wheels Foot 1100