"the land of snow."

- Alpaca World

Cyan Hill
The in-game minimap of Cyan Hill. The red dot shows the player's current position.
Map Information
Biome Type Snow, Forest
Warp Circles Alpaca Hill, Green Hill, Blue Hill
Level Range 13 - 26
Other Information
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Cyan Hill is one of three hills the player can unlock by increasing their rank to Amateur. The other two hills are Magenta Hill and Yellow Hill.

Appearance Edit

A large, snowy map. There are several different areas on the map, with the highest level enemies found on the highest area.

The path may be difficult to see on both the minimap and in-game, due to the snowy terrain causing the path terrain to blend in. The player cannot cross the river as with previous maps with one, but there is a bridge near the bottom of the map.

There is a warp circle to the far right of the map which leads to Blue Hill and Green Hill.