Alpaca Hill
The in-game minimap of Alpaca Hill. The red dot shows the player's current position.
Map Information
Biome Type Grass, Forest
Warp Circles Farm, Yellow Hill, Magenta Hill, Cyan Hill
Level Range 4-13
Other Information
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"Further away from the Alpaca Hill, there are some hills with unique environments, strange weathers and strong wild alpacas!"

- Alpaca World

Alpaca Hill is the second map which the player can visit. In order to visit, the game requires the player's rank to be Student (owning one level 4 alpaca).

Appearance Edit

The map is split by cliffs into three areas. On the lowest area the player's team will encounter level 4-6 enemy alpacas. On the second area, it is possible to find up to level 7-10 enemies, with the top area having enemies from level 10-12.

Birds can be heard singing, which was done by a FS effect.

There is a warp circle if the player follows the path to the bottom-right, which leads to Yellow, Magenta and Cyan Hil